Top 3 Reasons for Windshield Damage

A broken or cracked windshield can be more than a little irritating. Many people may be surprised to learn that 34 percent of a car’s structural integrity comes from the windshield meaning it is more than simply protection against the wind. They are even involved in proper airbag deployment during collisions. Small cracks and chips can lead to window damage and impair vision which could lead to an accident. The most common causes of damage are collision, road debris, and quality or installation of the windscreen itself.


There is no doubt that a head-on collision can cause extensive damage, including shattering. Reckless driving can also cause damage because stomping on the breaks while moving at full speed puts undue pressure on the glass and can cause cracking. Even minor collisions with birds, balls, or other animals can also cause harm, such as small chips or cracks. When these minor injuries are not repaired on time, more extensive damage such as spider webbing can occur, and for those with dashcams, windshield camera calibration Livingston Parish LA may be necessary.

Road Debris

Flotsam and jetsam in the roadway can vary by location and seasonality. During root vegetable harvest, it may not be uncommon to see potatoes, carrots, or onions on the road. Scraps of lumber, car parts or other items that fall off vehicles can litter the driving lanes and roadsides and potentially hit other vehicles.

When driving at highway or interstate speeds, small rocks or gravel can fly into the window, causing scratches and cracks. The main reason for this is following too closely to another vehicle because the tires can pick up these items and throw them at the car behind. They fly at high speed and in a projectile motion. It may be worth following less closely to avoid this and to avoid driving at high speed near construction sites and on unpaved roads.


If the quality of glass used in the window is poor, it can result in stress cracks, another type of windshield damage. Stress cracks appear as small cracks on the edge of the glass and are due to structural weaknesses. As with other types of small cracks, they can grow larger when not repaired in time. The installation quality is also important. Poorly or improperly installed windscreens can also result in stress cracks. There are standards governing glass manufacturing, and professionals are trained to perform a proper installation.

The windshield plays an important role in the structural integrity of a vehicle. Avoiding collisions and road debris, as well as using quality glass installed by a trained professional, can help keep it intact.

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