4 Things To Do To Prepare Your Dock and Boat for a Major Storm

No matter where you live, there is always the chance for bad weather that can cause damage to your property. If you are a boat owner who also has a dock at home, here are some things that you can do to protect your boat and your dock from potential storm damage.

Ensure Your Dock Is Secure

Whether you have a floating or a stationary dock, ensure that it is secure enough that it can weather a storm. Make sure that your floating dock is tethered to something sturdy with an adequate amount of lines. If you have a wooden stationary dock, be sure that all boards are in good shape and nothing has rotted. Decks and docks West Palm Beach have the best chance of surviving harsh weather if they are in tip-top shape.

Secure Your Boat

Once your dock is secure, it is time to secure your boat. Be sure that if the boat is staying in the water to weather the storm that the lines are tight enough (but not too tight) so that the boat is not at risk of slipping under the dock. Also invest in lots of bumpers and chafe protection so that if your boat is slammed into the dock, the impact will not harm the fiberglass.

Look Into Hurricane Storage

If you are not confident that your boat will make it through a large storm, look into local boat storage facilities to see if they have space. Often, you can pay an annual fee and have access to storage when you need it. This is also a great option if you do not have a boat lift at home and do not want to keep your boat in the water during the offseason. Many facilities offer repairs and also winterizing services in-house, so consider that as well.

Keep Informed

Do what you can do keep informed about impending weather so it does not sneak up on you. If you are proactive about keeping your boat and dock maintained and are never in the dark about the weather forecast, you will likely have very little trouble protecting your prized possessions from anything that might pop up.

Storms can come out of nowhere, and they are particularly common during the most popular months for boating. Be smart and proactive about the safety of your boat and storage and you will have no problem weathering most storms.

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