New or Used: The Eternal Car Dilemma

For many Australian drivers, choosing between a new and used car is always a challenge, as there are obvious attractions to taking delivery of a brand spanking new car, yet you do pay an awful lot for the privilege. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons for both new and used cars, with the aim of helping you to make the right decision.

New Cars: Pros

Who wouldn’t like a brand-new car that has just rolled off the production line? The vehicle is in perfect condition, and aside from a few kilometres to load and unload the vehicle, it has never been driven. If you are worried about how a car was treated by previous owners, then buying new eliminates that risk, and you can maintain the vehicle as it should be from day one. A new car comes with insurance and the road tax is included in the price, plus you get a few free services and maybe some other goodies; dealers will offer hi-end smartphones, fuel vouchers and free class 1 insurance to encourage people to buy, so there are benefits.

New Cars: Cons

Well, the price is what puts many people off, and when you take delivery of a new car, you will lose between 10-20% of the value immediately. That’s an awful lot to lose in a single day, and with affordable used car dealers in Canberra, you are far better off going with a used model that is only one year old.

Used Cars: Pros

There are many advantages to buying a used model, especially when you buy from an established dealership, where you will get a fair warranty. Buying a car that is 12 months old gives you a car in great condition, and at a much-reduced cost when compared to a new model, which is one of the main reasons people prefer used cars. There are many shrewd drivers who buy a used car for a year, then sell it while they can still get a good price, and if you do this, you can enjoy cheap motoring, as long as you look after the car and manage to find the right buyer.

Used Cars: Cons

Of course, you have no real evidence regarding the car’s history if it had already been owned, and the more owners a car has had, the more likely something will go wrong. If you buy a second-hand car from a private seller, you are taking a big risk, as the car would be ‘sold as seen’, so make sure you stick with a local dealership.

If you do decide to go for a new car, then make sure you can afford the monthly payments, which would be quite high, depending on how much deposit you paid. Even with a used car. You need to be certain that you can afford the vehicle, especially running costs, which can be high for a big engine car.

Whatever you decide, be patient when looking at cars, and remember that it is a buyer’s market.




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